Norfolk Wedding Photographer based in Broome, Norfolk!


A little bit about me – my name’s Meg and I couldn’t be more excited that you found me here! As you can see, I’m a wedding photographer, who loves to shoot creative weddings in and around Norfolk. I photograph couples mostly in East Anglia but I’m excited for every opportunity to travel to different places. I am based in Broome (on the Norfolk/ Suffolk border) and Little Ellingham (also on the Norfolk/ Suffolk border.) Having worked in the fashion photography industry, I live for creative wedding days that feature an abundance of flowers, decorations and personality. I have been working as a wedding photographer for 5 years and I have loved every second of it! When I’m not shooting weddings, pre-wedding shoots or family shoots you will find me walking my mad working cocker spaniel (where I go, he goes although I do have to draw the line at weddings…)

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, simply head to my contact page where you will find a simple and easy to use contact form. Please note that my ‘busy season’ is March – November which results in a 48 hour email reply time. Head over to my social pages – Instagram and Facebook for regular updates

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27 going on 72

Things that make me happy.

  1. A gazillion cups of tea a day
  2. My Roberts Revival DAB Radio
  3. BBC Radio 2 all day every day
  4. The good ol’ Norfolk Countryside
  5. Trish & Jacqui = my two soul mates/ sisters/ confidants/ therapists/ best friends
  6. Sundays – brunches, dog walks and roasts with Martin (the man that puts up with me)
  7. Being outside whether its riding horses, walking or running
  8. Scolding baths and showers – If I don’t look like a lobster it’s not hot enough
  9. ‘Normal People’ cant.stop.binge.watching
  10. Meetups with my fellow photographer and mad Spaniel owner Gina
  11. Going back to my parent’s house
  12. Proving that pre-wedding shoots aren’t actually cringe
  13. Rummikub & Mexican Train (boardgames)
  14. Big Family BBQ’s
  15. Martin – my fellow ‘old before our time’ person
  16. Spring & Summer (June baby)
  17. Looking through old family photos
  18. The film ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ – my Mum’s favourite too
  19. Friends – standard
  20. This job/ career/ profession/ occupation/ path in life!