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for Couple Photos

Personally, I am not the best in front of the camera which is why I spend my time behind it! Until only recently I used to dread the thought of having to photograph pre-wedding couple shoots simply because I would see the same dread in 80% of my bride and groom to be’s faces at the prospect of having to have their photo taken together whilst looking romantic and totally in love… in a ‘natural’ manner. The reality of the matter is that many couples often go for walks yards apart and spend the walk making no human contact what-so-ever! The idea of couple photos seemed very unnatural to me, however, I absolutely loved seeing beautiful shots by other wedding photographers and biting the bullet I soon realised how beneficial and how much fun they really are. The entire concept of capturing natural photos is incredibly ironic when being photographed is definitely not an every-day thing! I now include a pre-wedding couple shoot in my overall wedding package. I have listed the 5 reasons as to why below.


Everyone is the same.

Whether you absolutely love having your photo taken or absolutely hate it, having your photo taken in a natural manner is completely alien and is extremely unnerving for the first 20 minutes. Many confident couples want to conform to smiling at the camera and shy couples often feel lost and put on the spot. I do not pose you, however, I have to direct you in order to create the shot, you will then do the rest by laughing at the unusual concept of being incredibly close to one another in a public space. It’s these in-between moments that I will capture. We will go to your favourite beach, woodland, park etc. and walk, talk and shoot resulting in different backdrops and therefore a variety of photos.

The process of feeling very much on the spot for the first 20 minutes is exactly the same for EVERY couple I have ever photographed. I personally know how awkward it can feel as ironically, I hate having my photo taken! I will aim to capture shots of you and your fiancé together in a romatic yet relaxed way – laughing and genuinely enjoying each other’s company! Getting used to the camera is the main reason I include pre-wedding couple photos in my wedding package!


You get to know me before your wedding day!

Many of my couples book me for their wedding months or even years in advance and even though I offer unlimited coffee meetings, it is a long time to go without seeing one another before your big day. A pre-wedding couple shoot is a perfect opportunity for you and your finacé to experience how I work and (hopefully) gain confidence from that before your wedding day! Getting to photograph you both before your day will allow me to take note of how you interact with each other, your individual personalities and even your quirks. These details will help me capture the moments on the wedding day that is unique to just the two of you. I love to have an informal relationship with my clients as I strongly believe that I achieve so much more from being your friend than a serious professional photographer. If you feel at ease with me and are able to chat then you are half way there to achieving natural and beautiful pre-wedding shots!


You will have some lovely photos of you both to display in your home or to use for your wedding stationery/ wedding website.

Obviously, your wedding is all about you and your finacé however you will find that your photos will incorporate all of your friends and family whether they are in the shot or the background. After your wedding breakfast/ during dusk I will take you both away from the hustle and bustle of your wedding venue and we will take some shots of you both in ‘golden hour’ light. Due to evening wedding guests usually arriving just after you have eaten your dessert it is important that the couple photos do not over-run. A pre-wedding shoot will ensure that you have ample shots of you both that you will love and can display in your home plus when it comes to the couple photos on your wedding day you will be confident, relaxed and completely unphased by the whole process! My main priority when photographing weddings is that I allow you to enjoy your day naturally which means ensuring that I do not spend hours on family photos and directed photos. A pre-wedding shoot will help the day run smoothly and allow you to bag ‘that shot’ first time around!


Capturing photos of you both in the place(s) that mean the most to you.

Being a lover of the outdoors and the Norfolk countryside, I honestly love nothing more than going for a stroll in the woods, across the beach or park. I will always use the location that I shoot in to create a shot, the pressure is not all on you and your finacé. Living in Norfolk/ Suffolk I am so lucky to have so many incredible landscapes on my doorstep. Alternatively, if you have a desired pre-wedding shoot location we can organise a shoot there! As well as outdoor pre-wedding shoots, many couples love for their photos to be taken at their home. Your first home together is a landmark occasion in itself so to have photos of you both together enjoying the space is the perfect way to document the place where it all started! At home pre-wedding couple shoots have a warm and authentic feel and emphasize the ‘natural’ aesthetic as your home is typically a location where you would snuggle up on the sofa or give your fiancé a bear hug in the mornings! Cosy up with a cup of tea, your soul mate and fur baby (cat/ dog/ rabbit) and get some portraits of you all together!


You can be as subtle or creative as you want to be.

Many of my couples go into their pre-wedding couple shoot with very little idea of what they are going to gain and how the shoot is going to pan out, however, I have had a few couples who have truly loved putting their stamp on the shoot by incorporating certain locations, pieces of clothing, pets and hints that reflect you both as a couple. For example, in November 2017 I photographed a fab long-distance couple who wanted to incorporate their countries in their pre-wedding couple shoot. With the groom to be being British and the bride to be being American, it made sense that the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes had to be involved! I do tend to steer away from gimmicks however sometimes, I can just about make them work in a non-cheesy, natural-esque way.


I hope this blog post has been useful and reassuring if you are apprehensive about pre-wedding/ engagement/ couple photos! I completely understand how you feel and how it is so easy to perceive pre-wedding couple shoots as cringeworthy however, I have gone from being so scared to shooting them to absolutely loving them as it has enabled me to get to know my clients sooo much better, push myself out of my comfort zone and also take some really lovely photos that you will (hopefully) love! If you would like to see more pre-wedding couple shoots take a look at my Couples Gallery below or visit my Couples page!