• Elyse & Lewi
Elyse & Lewi

North Norfolk Beach Couples Photography

I loved Elys and Lewi’s North Norfolk Couple Shoot! Most couples are extremely aprehensive r.e. their pre-wedding shoot – Elyse was probably more than most. Being completely honest, Elyse found the experience very awkward and struggled to enjoy the process. However, after the initial half an hour she soon forgot what was happening and started to enjoy it. I hope you agree that Elyse looked so beautiful and natural in front of the camera and her nerves of the shoot are incredibly hard to spot!

Elyse and Lewis are due to get married at the beautiful Godwick Hall & Barn. It will be my first time shooting there and I honestly can’t wait! Elyse & Lewi’s wedding will take place July 2019! I love shooting at the North Norfolk Coast. It is such a huge stretch of coastline that varies from large sand planes to rocky cliffs. Beaches are probably my most requested locations for couple and family photography.

Lastly, if you are planning your  Wedding please do not hesitate to get into contact with me! I tend to get booked up a year in advance so please reach out as soon as you know your date!

View Elyse & Lewi’s Godwick Hall Wedding day!HERE