• Chantal & Matt
Southwold Engagement Shoot

Norwich Wedding Photographer

With everything that’s going on at the moment (we are in week 7 of lockdown now due to COVID-19) I am LOVING going through last year’s pre-wedding shoots. I began my website in 2016 and it hasn’t been properly updated in years so I guess this is one good thing about being stuck indoors! Chantal and Matt are one of my lovely couples who have had to put their Oxnead Hall wedding on hold until next year. It was a pretty hard decision for them to make as Matt lives and works in Hong Kong but it was definitely a sensible and safe one. This Southwold pre-wedding shoot features a small selection of shots that took place in Southwold town and around the beach and harbour. Taking it back to happier days where we could stroll the landscape of Suffolk without a care in the world! I hope you enjoy going through the following photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Both Chantal and Matt were extremely apprehensive about their pre-wedding shoot and felt very nervous beforehand. Like most of my couples, they soon got the gist and I was able to capture fun and natural moments in between the awkward laughter! Pre-wedding shoots are a favourite of mine! I love being able to catch up with my couples, chat about their wedding planning and general life and prove to them that they are incredibly photogenic! Find out more via my pre-wedding shoot page!