Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot traditional wedding shots?

I try very hard to steer clear of traditional posed shots. I much prefer photographs that reflect the true atmosphere of your day. Staged shots often create a lot of waiting around creating aggro between guests and kids boiling their brains. Not to mention the cringeworthy ‘on camera’ smile! The best shots I have taken are the ones where there are real tears of laughter and joy, real dancing, real laughter, real looks of pride and real looks of love. When I shoot couples or take the Bride and Groom away for 30 minutes for some alone shots I will give small direction (which in itself can be rather cringeworthy) however it’s the laughing at the ‘leaning your head on his shoulder’ that creates the most gorgeous romantic but real moment shot. I do ensure that I shoot family shots that you feel are important to have and not miss. If you provide me with a list of names I shall ensure that you get your desired photo of you and your favourite Granny!

Are you willing to travel?

Absolutely! I love visiting different locations. I love the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside and the variety of rural backdrops that accompanies it but new locations always excite me!

Do you charge for travel?

If you are planning a wedding in East Anglia then no, I do not charge for my travel. If I am having to travel outside of East Anglia I will charge for petrol. If the location you are based in/ looking to get married in is situated at a fair distance I may need to stop over at a hotel for a night.  

Do you heavily edit your photos?

Not at all. I love to shoot in a natural style which means natural scenery, natural emotion and with that comes natural editing. I only ever retouch the light, colour tones and align images and maybe remove signage that is in the way of a perfect picture. I will also add that re-touching is one of the most time-consuming elements of my photography. I am a perfectionist and aim to make every photo the best that it can possibly be. When you use my services you are largely paying for the amount of time and vigorous selection process and stages that I go through to create a high-quality package for you and your loved ones to treasure.

What do you do about photos if it’s raining on my wedding day?

I do use the light a lot within my work, however, I am able to make the lowest of light appear very bright and warm. Overcast weather can be a blessing as it creates incredibly soft and natural-looking imagery. I will always shoot in the shade if the sun is out for this reason. Sun creates dark shadows and white highlights on faces which are not the most flattering nor the easiest to edit! I work with a very good kit which is more than capable of working in low light conditions.

Both I and my partner are very camera shy!

Not a problem! You won’t even know I am there when I am photographing your big day. My style is very much documentary. When it comes to the family photos you will feel so at ease as you are with the people you love on the best day of your life! There is no reason for you not to smile! In terms of couple photos, if the thought of having your photo taken with your loved one is slightly unnerving then I would advise you both to book an engagement/ couple shoot where we can crack those nerves!

What is a pre-wedding/ couple shoot?

Okay, so an engagement shoot isn’t as cringeworthy as it sounds. Do you have a favourite location where you and your bride/ husband to enjoy going on a day off? Say the beach, woods, park, gardens? Basically we will go out for the day (accompanied by children and dogs if you have them/ want them to join) and we will have fun, crack some jokes, have a go at you both taking small direction, take photos and then go and grab a drink/ slice of cake if we are near to a cafe! Its as simple as that and is incredibly informal and most of all natural! It’s a great way to overcome those nerves and gain an insight into your wedding day.

How long does it take for you to edit our wedding photos?

Usually, I give a month before sending your package off in the post. If you are having an exceptionally big day and there are many elements and details to photograph it may take a little longer.

Do you have a backup plan if your equipment fails?

Of course. I have two Nikon DSLR cameras of the same spec as well as an array of different lenses, memory cards and batteries. I back up my work twice as soon as I get home or sit in my car whilst you eat your wedding breakfast.